Warehouse racking: Cantilever

Intelligent use of your vertical storage space

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When should you use cantilever racking and shelving systems to expand your warehouse?

Cantilever racking allows you to expand your current warehouse capacity by making the best use of your vertical space. Cantilever is a cost-effective, flexible and safe solution for storing long, heavy, irregular shaped or sheet products. Designed with an open-front profile, it maximises your warehouses storage capacity and provides accessibility for storing varying length items.

Its modular design means we can design a system bespoke for your needs, which can be easily extended in the future.
Our cantilever racking is heavy duty and made in the UK from hot rolled steel. We guarantee our products for 5 years. A full planning and installation service is offered as standard.

Warehouse racking systems and industrial racking

A range of innovative cantilever solutions

telescopic cantilever racking

Telescopic racking is an innovative design that allows product to be stored neatly within the confines of the racking yet remains easily accessible for loading and unloading by means of an overhead crane.

  • Storage capacity up to 4000kg UDL per compartment
  • Product lengths up to 12.2m
  • Optimises floor space
  • Removes the need for fork truck operations.
coil racking system

Coil racking is an excellent method for storing cable, fibre, paper or other material that is dispensed from a reel. 

Coils of varying sizes can be secured in specially designed spindle brackets. All coils are accessible, allowing easy removal, either manually or using a de-coiler, directly from the coil racking system.

free standing pallet racking system

Free-standing cantilever racks (often referred to as bar racks) are specifically designed to be self-supporting. 

The addition of cruciform sides to both single sided & double-sided versions counteracts possible lateral movement. The units require no floor fixings, but each has a dedicated fixing point in the base foot to accept a through-bolt, should a ‘belt & braces’ approach be desired. Ideal for use as a low rise, hand loaded system.



All of our arm connections provide a completed flat interface with the column, avoiding potential damage to the product.

bolted racking arms

Bolted arms

cantilever quicklock arms

Quicklock arms

cantilever racking end stops

End stops


We have a range of shelving to ensure your product is stored safely and without damage.  We also provide pallet rails that accommodate the storage of pallets on a cantilever rack.  In order to prevent goods being inadvertently pushed off the back of the racks we can also provide anti-collapse meshing.

warehouse pallet racks

Solid shelving

mesh warehouse drain


timer pallet racking


Canopies & finishes

space productiv canopy cantilever racking

If you need to store your products outside and protect them from the elements then our cantilever racking can be supplied with a canopy system complete with rain water drainage.

Our racking is available with a number of different finishing options: Painted to any standard RAL colour, powder-coated, galvanised.

Guided rail systems

warehouse guided rail system

Guide rails allow you to bring your racking closer together with narrower aisles, but still allow forklifts and other mobile warehouse equipment to move freely and safely. 

This enables the operator to fully concentrate on the load rather than the truck position.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest of industrial standards

Space Productiv are the only SEMA approved manufacturer of hot rolled cantilever racking in the UK, meeting SEMA code of practice, BS 5950 Structural Use of Steel in Buildings and BS 5135 Weldable Steels.

Our products have been independently tested and are designed to give a 1.6 times safety factor to mitigate the considerable forces that cantilever can be subject to in an industrial workplace.

Cantilever specifications at a glance

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Space Productiv help companies raise their productivity by designing, manufacturing and installing better industrial storage solutions. Download our warehouse racking brochure to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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Darren Hibberd
Sales Director

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Talk to us about your project.
Call us on 01274 551 170 or send a message using the form:

Space productive staff darren hibberd

Darren Hibberd
Sales Director

Space productive staff peter hubbard

Peter Hubbard
Senior Technical Sales Manager

Space productive staff Allan Miles-Turner

Allan Miles-Turner
Project Manager

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