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For 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their productivity through better storage

Since 1995 we’ve designed, manufactured and installed the highest quality warehouse racking systems, mezzanine floors and semi-permanent Pop-up Warehousing across the UK and Europe. But what we make is secondary to the benefits those systems have brought to our customers: increasing their productivity, safety and profitability through better use of their space.

As a full SEMA member, not only do you know that the systems we manufacture have been independently tested to the highest industry standards, but that our full in-house design team have had experience of thousands of projects and will work with you to plan and install the best system to optimise the space you have available.


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For 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their productivity through better storage

Many don’t take action to improve their warehousing until they are already overwhelmed by a problem.  But improving the efficiency of your space and storage raises the productivity of your operations, which in turn increases your profitability across the company. 

You might already know exactly what you need and want to get a quote, or you might want to bring us your problem and see what suggestions we’ve got to solve it. Download our brochure to learn more, or start a conversation on 01274 551 170 or [email protected]

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Space Productiv has over 40 years of experience supplying storage solutions to timber merchants, construction businesses, and manufacturing.

When storing timber, it is essential that there is sufficient airflow around the product to ensure that the wood can ‘breathe’. Improper timber storage can lead to spoiled stock and expensive production delays.

Some common issues timber faces from poor storage include:

  • Discolouration
  • Decay
  • Bowing
  • Being either too wet or too dry to work with
  • Cracking and splitting
  • Staining from metal corrosion

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