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Pallet Racking: DOUBLE DEEP

Double Deep pallet racking is particularly suited for storing multiple pallets of the same product or where stock is slow moving.

Double deep pallet racking differs from a traditional pallet racking system in the level of accessibility to product. Traditional pallet racking offers immediate access to each location of pallets from the front while double deep systems position two pallets, one behind the other, in each pallet location.

The nature of this storage system means that it is requires a ‘Last in, First out’ (LIFO) storage system and requires extremely robust stock management to ensure that it remains efficient and productive. If robust stock management is in place or where a facility carries a low number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit), double deep racking can provide a considerable space saving on traditional pallet racking as fewer aisles are needed to access loads.

Double deep racking is manufactured from the same materials as standard pallet racking. In order to ensure the system meets the appropriate safety criteria there are height restrictions with this type of storage solution and it should be considered that there is limited visibility of stock in the rear positions, particularly at a height unless cameras are fitted to the Handling Equipment or the equipment has Man-Up capability.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Important considerations when choosing double deep racking include:

  • The nature of the stock to be held.
  • The number of SKUs and velocity of movement.
  • The Appropriate fork-lift equipment to reach and safely handle pallets positioned at longer reach.
  • Visibility of stock in back (Double Deep) location
  • Manoeuvring stock (possibility temporary relocation/marshalling of Front Pallet)

It is possible to achieve considerable savings on space with this type of racking system and it is a valuable consideration in over-crowded facilities as an alternative to relocation or expanding the existing storage footprint. Our experts can design on the best solution and handling needs for your facility and are happy to provide a free site survey.

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