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Cantilever Racking: Ancillaries

Ancillaries and extras for your cantilever racking system.

Space Productiv offers a wide range of innovative ancillaries that combine with our industry-leading cantilever racking systems to accommodate health and safety requirements and to help improve workflow and productivity in a wide range of facilities.

Some of our most popular Cantilever Rack extras include:

A range of shelving to assure your product is stored safely and without damage. In addition to rail only options and solid traditional shelving we can also provide a range of steel mesh and timber solutions to accommodate the storage of any product on cantilever racks.

In order to protect walkways and prevent goods being inadvertently pushed off the back of the racks we can also provide anti-collapse meshing.

Roof Canopies to protect goods that are stored outside from the elements to avoid wastage caused by stock damage and to protect equipment and staff from difficult weather conditions. Completed with or without rainwater goods, canopies may be fitted with cladding on the ends or rear as well as curtained doorways.

Guided rail systems that allow you to bring your racking closer together with narrower aisles while allowing forklifts and other mobile warehouse equipment to move around freely and safely.

Cantilever Pick Up and Deposit stations, used at the end of racking aisles to enable more efficient loading of racks and improve productivity in busy, high volume environments.

End stops to allow forklift operators to focus on loads rather than exact positions of trucks.

  • Decking: timber or steel mesh decking can be supplied with cantilever racking system enable the storage of different lengths and sizes of product. Steel mesh can be galvanised for outside applications.
  • Base and arm Rails: Also referred to as pallet rails, lintel rails, base rails and arm rails make it possible to store different length materials on the same rack. They can be used as a base for pallet storage on all levels or as a support for various decking options.
  • Arm end stops and Retaining pins: Welded end stops and removable retaining pins can be supplied at bespoke heights and sizes to assist with securing stock such as tubes and pipes, to improve health and safety while ensuring that productivity is not impeded by less accessible stock securing mechanisms.

We offer a variety of finishes on many of our extras and ancilliaries such as colour matching for corporate identity or safety monitoring and galvanising for outside applications. All of our bespoke steel fabrication is completed in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility and comes with a manufacturer guarantee.

In addition to the above popular options, we also offer As Standard:

  • Friendly Arm ends formed from steel plate designed to fit on the end of structural cantilever arms to soften impact and reduce damage to product and equipment.
  • Tyre Guards: curved steel plate fitted to the base section to protect forklift truck tyres from damage and increase warehouse safety

Space Productiv has over 30 years of experience helping businesses to optimise storage space for maximum efficiency and productivity. Our expert team offer a free site survey and can advise on the best combination of warehouse racking and ancillaries to ensure that your warehouse or storage space works at maximum productivity and meets all the requirements for health and safety standards.

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Talk to us about your project.
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