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Cantilever Racking: Canopies

Protect your stock from the elements with cantilever racking canopies, cladding or curtained doorways.

Combining cantilever racks with a canopy option gives your stored products shelter from the elements. Whatever your weatherproofing requirements, Space Productiv can design, manufacture, and install the ideal configuration of cantilever canopies, with a range of option:


  • Canopy only
  • Canopy with rear cladding.
  • Canopy with end cladding.
  • Canopy with rear and end cladding.
  • Fully cladding a number or racks to form a Rack Clad Building.
  • Optional curtained doorways.


All of our canopies are supplied with rainwater goods and can be manufactured to colour coordinate with your company specifications. We can create custom sized racking and canopies depending on your business needs.

Canopied cantilever racking offers reduced costs compared with fully enclosing storage within a warehouse building while increasing capacity against a flat storage yard.

Cantilever racking canopies are the ideal solution for timber merchants and other businesses with stock that needs to breathe but that can be damaged by exposure to harsh weather conditions.

We have over 30 years of experience with designing and manufacturing racking systems for a wide range of clients and our cantilever racking systems are SEMA approved so you can rest assured that your canopied cantilever racking meets the highest of safety standards and has been designed and manufactured to rigorous standards.

Our canopied racking solutions offer a robust and highly flexible outdoor warehouse system that can be installed as distinctly separate aisles or configured as a cleverly overlapping system to create a large covered expanse that protects not only stock but also staff and equipment from the elements, for all the benefits of an indoor warehouse at a fraction of the cost.

Speak to our expert team about your storage needs or book a free site survey for on-the-ground advice. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and most effective solution for your business needs and budget.

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Talk to us about your project.
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