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Pallet Racking: mobile & push back

Mobile pallet racking is the ultimate space saving warehouse storage solution.

Mobile pallet racking is extremely flexible and is a great solution for adding storage capacity to a warehouse or facility where space is already at a premium.  Racking is mounted on a purpose designed chassis or movable bases which traverse through a system of guided tracks on the floor to ensure that movement is safe and stable.

Running on cutting edge technology, mobile pallet racking moves electronically, opening and closing to create access for one aisle at a time, although large installation may need more dependent on throughput. There is no need for manual handling or manoeuvring so it is completely safe despite being a moving system.

Each run is configured as a conventional pallet racking aisle would be. Also like a standard system, the racking can be configured to load type and appropriate handling equipment for maximum efficiency. The wide range of options available means that a mobile system can be adapted for different unit load sizes and weights.

Movement is usually controlled directly from the forklift and can take as little as 45 seconds to open an aisle for access.

Mobile Pallet Racking System

Because only a single aisle width is needed for access, mobile racking offers an extremely high-density storage solution that utilises almost all the floor space in your facility as such maximising the usable cubic area. Storage capabilities can be increased by as much as 90% with careful design.

As with any racking system, there are a number of things to be considered when deciding whether the solution is right for your stock requirements. These include:

  • The velocity of stock movement within the facility
  • The number of forklifts that are operating at any one time within the facility
  • The nature of the inventory
  • The cost of energy within the facility, particularly in the case of cold storage and refrigerated units where smaller areas may save considerable cost

Despite the obvious extra capital investment required against traditional static systems, mobile pallet racking can offer considerable savings on operating costs due to excellent use of space. It can often present an alternative to buying, building or moving to a large storage facility yielding the best Return on Investment (particularly in Cold Stores).

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