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Pallet Racking: Heavy duty

Heay duty pallet racking is perfect for storing heavier or bulkier inventory.

Heavy duty pallet racking is often installed where a conventional pallet racking system is not suitable for the inventory characteristics such as size, weight, length etc. Heavy duty pallet racking is a cost-effective solution for a variety of heavier stock types such as steel coils, automotive engines or transmissions, press tools, steel plates etc.

Our heavy-duty pallet racking for example, is robust enough to safely store 15 tonnes per level of materials vs a standard duty system which has a capacity of 3 tonnes per level! Our heavy duty pallet racks can store materials at far greater weights and lengths than a standard pallet racking system, allowing you to maximise the storage areas and make the most productive use of your storage space.

Due to the often unusual nature of stock stored on this type of warehouse racking, we also supply a range of accessories and ancillary products to ensure the safety of inventory and improve health and safety. These include:

  • Steel or timber decks for non-palletised stock or non-standard pallet sizes.
  • Back stops and mesh screens to ensure the security of palletised loads where stock may be less stable or adjacent to a walkway or working space.
  • Chocks and cradles for drum or coil storage to provide locational support for cylindrical or coiled materials/inventory.
  • Guide rails to ensure safe guidance for forklifts operating within racking, particularly where narrow aisle racking is in place.
  • Upright and column protectors to provide a barrier against fork-lift truck collision damage. These are available in a number of configurations.
  • Bespoke stillages to store or transport materials of unusual size and weight.

As with all of our storage solutions, we always design a solution specific to our client’s needs to ensure that the maximum productivity is achieved within the limits of the warehouse building and using existing equipment MHE (Fork lifts etc ) when appropriate.

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Talk to us about your project.
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Space Productiv Warehouse Racking brochure

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