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Warehouse Racking and Storage

Intelligent use of your vertical storage space


Cantilever racking

Cantilever is a cost-effective, flexible and safe solution for storing long, heavy, irregular shaped or sheet products.

Pallet racking

Pallet racking allows you to maximise the number of pallets stored to make the most efficient use of your warehouse or factory.

Vertical racking

Vertical racking is the ideal type of warehouse racking for storing and displaying long upright items.

Pigeon Hole Racking

Pigeon Hole Racking is excellent for storing products such as tubes and bars for easy access without machinery.

Guide Rails

Guide rails help improve the health and safety of your warehouse environment and allow for more efficient movement of stock by forklift.

Timber Storage

Timber requires the correct type of racking and storage environment to ensure that it is kept in the best possible conditions.

How does warehouse racking increase your company's productivity?

“When people need to increase their space they look at expanding their footprint – but often they haven’t made the most of what they already have.  The golden rule is ‘go up not out’.  Make sure you have maximised your vertical space before going to the expenditure of expanding your facility. Plan and organise your storage around your high-flow and low-flow products. Make sure the most accessible items are those which get moved the most.  There is no ‘one-size fits all’ warehouse solution.  Every company should plan their storage to work for their operations.” 
Darren Hibberd
Darren Hibberd
Sales Director

Warehouse Racking & Storage Case Studies

Bird Stainless - Pop Up Warehousimg

Kirkstall Timber - Pop Up Warehousing

Alliance Carpets - Pallet Racking on a Mezzanine Floor

Space Productiv Warehouse Racking brochure

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Space Productiv help companies raise their productivity by designing, manufacturing and installing better industrial storage solutions. Download our warehouse racking brochure to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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Talk to us about your project.
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Space Productiv Warehouse Racking brochure

Download our Warehouse Racking brochure

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