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Increasing productivity by expanding storage space quickly with bespoke designed purpose-built pop up warehouses.

The Problem - Stock Damage Due to Lack of Space

Kirkstall Timber were a new acquisition for the James Chambers group and the site was in need of modernisation and organisation in order to combat poor productivity and loss of profit to damages.

The lack of space meant that products were often either under or over stocked as accessibility and visibility were poor and it was difficult to stock check. Worse, products were being stored in unsuitable conditions where exposure to the elements resulted in damaged stock and expensive write-offs.


The Solution:

James Chambers, who have a long standing relationship with the team at Space Productiv, did what they always do when they have a new requirement: they called on the expertise of Darren and the Space Productiv Team.

The site was a blank canvas which offered considerable possibility but the site surface was uneven and, in places, inaccessible so required full preparation and resurfacing.

Space Productiv’s pop up warehousing was the perfect solution to expand the space and provide protection from the elements without costly and complicated construction as well as providing the perfect storage for the client’s timber product on the cantilever racks that formed the foundation of the storage solution.

Space Productiv cleared the site in a linear fashion, section by section, ensuring that the site could remain in continuous use and day-to-day operations were subject to minimal disruption. 

The phased process meant that the client was able to benefit from increased productivity, better stock visibility and reduced damages almost immediately, and the new storage space was errected with post-site clearance completed within three weeks. 

The sloped roof of the canopies over each building provide the required protection from the elements without the cost of a fully enclosed space. This also means that it has maximum accessibility.

Kirkstall before cantilever install
Kirkstall canopied cantilever racking storage

By installing eight double aisles and one single aisle of covered cantiliver racking, Space Productiv were able to provide more than double the storage capacity, lifting product that was previously stored, double-stacked, flat on the ground to a four level storage system. Bays that could be labeled with proper stock management locations were provided and what was previously little more than a yard was turned into a functional semi-open timber warehouse.

The Impact:

The solution completely transformed the acquired business, from a timber yard with a limited range of stock to a fully operational timber merchant able to house a range of timber products and manage stock far more productively. Costs have been saved in damages, both by protecting stock from the elements and by eliminating the practise of storing stock stacked on top of stock.

Efficiency benefits can be seen througout, both in terms of labeled bays designated for product enabling proper stock control and in the ease of movement between products provided by the four-level storage aisles. 

Health and safety on-site has been improved exponentially with proper spacing and restricted areas for machinery where there previously was none, as well as safe, level storage platforms ensuring that the potential for falling or slipping stock is vastly reduced. 

Output on site was tripled and the site is now able to house 340 pallets and 700 cubic metres of stock as well as offer joinery and planed timber, fencing panels and decking materials as part of an increased range of over 3,000 products. 

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