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Pop-up warehousing

Semi-permanent quick-to-install storage

How Pop-up Warehousing gives you extra semi-permanent space - fast

Chris Wilson

“In an ever-changing world and uncertain times, a company needs to be able to adapt their existing warehousing space quickly.  Pop-up Warehousing isn’t just a catchy name, it’s a cost-effective way to give you extra capacity in a short amount of time.

You might have outgrown your current facilities but have some external space that is underutilised.  Or you might only have short-term requirements for warehousing a specific product or line and want the flexibility to disassemble or relocate the structure later.  Either way, Pop-up Warehousing is the smart and modern solution.”
Chris Wilson, Director

Increase your warehouse space with pop-up warehousing

How does Pop-up Warehousing work?

Sema full member

Pop-up warehousing utilises the structural steel columns of our cantilever racking system to provide the fabric of the building, thus providing a quick and cost effective solution. The structure only requires a suitable concrete base, rather than costly foundations which can take time and cause disruption. 

As a full SEMA member, not only do you know that the warehouse systems we manufacture have been independently tested to the highest industry standards, but that our full in-house design team have had experience of thousands of projects and will work with you to plan and install the best system to optimise the space you have available and deliver a structure customised to your bespoke needs.

Why you can trust Space Productiv

We have over 30 years of experience engineering all types of racking systems and external builds for wholesale, manufacturing and retail customers throughout the UK.

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A choice of enclosure options

extended canopy warehouse racking

Extended canopy

overlapping canopy warehouse

Overlapping canopy

Canopied Cantilever warehouse

Fully enclosed

Create the Pop-up Warehousing solution that works for your business

Access and security​

All warehouse units can incorporate roller shutter doors and pedestrian doors as required.


Our Pop-up Warehousing can be partly open, erected with canopies or completely enclosed to protect from the harshest of weather conditions.


Large clear spans can be incorporated for marshalling areas, production or bulk storage. Add a mezzanine floor to create an office area.

Design and finishing

Made from a range of high-quality materials, Pop-up Warehousing may be semi-permanent but they are designed and built to last. 

We will work with you to design a storage space that works for your company’s unique operational needs.

semi permanent cantilever warehouse racking
Space Productiv brochure pop up warehousing

Download our Pop-up Warehousing brochure

Space Productiv help companies raise their productivity by designing, manufacturing and installing better industrial storage solutions. Download our Pop-up Warehousing brochure to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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Darren Hibberd
Sales Director

Allan Miles-Turner
Project Manager

Talk to us about your project.
Call us on 01274 550 970 or send a message using the form:

Space productive staff darren hibberd

Darren Hibberd
Sales Director

Space productive staff Allan Miles-Turner

Allan Miles-Turner
Project Manager

Space Productiv brochure pop up warehousing

Download our Pop-up Warehousing brochure

Space Productiv brochure bespoke design and build

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