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mezzanine floors

Doubling your available floor space

A Mezzanine Floor is a versatile and cost effective way to increase square footage by utilising wasted vertical space.

Here at Space Productiv we have been designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors for over three decades. Our in-house qualified structural engineers design bespoke mezzanine floors for industrial, retail and office environment and are unparalleled when it comes to creating a solution that is perfect for both your space and your business needs.

We manufacture our mezzanine floors in our ISO 9001 certified UK factory and are accredited to BS EN 1090-1 which means we only use certified steel and materials to ensure we can CE certify your mezzanine flooring and structures, all backed up with a 5-year guarantee.

Increasing productivity by creating affordable, useful space out of thin air.

Unused vertical space, particularly in large industrial buildings and modern purpose-built retail units, is an often-overlooked business asset. In most cases mezzanine floors are not subject to business rates and, with careful design, it is possible to nearly double your usable square footage at a fraction of the cost of relocation or expansion to a second unit.

Mezzanine floors can be designed with a wide range of spans and load capacities to fit your business needs, from heavy duty industrial mezzanines for plant machinery to low-deflection platforms for fully fitted office installations. With the right expertise and experience, a mezzanine can provide the perfect growth-mechanism for your business with less cost, less time and less business disruption than moving or increasing your building footprint.

The productivity gains from making use of the vertical space in your building are numerous. For example:

  • Eliminating ongoing office rent by moving business departments such as sales, purchasing and HR under one roof.
  • Consolidating stock into a single unit to streamline logistics
  • Enabling lean manufacturing processes by positioning raw materials nearby
  • Increasing retail display space to reduce restocking workload and warehouse requirements
Our experts can help you release the untapped potential in your space. Talk to a member of our team today.
Industrial mezzanine floor above factory machinery

Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Industrial mezzanine floors can allow for additional storage or production space in even the most unlikely spaces and can be combined with a range of storage solutions.

Retail mezzanine floor manufacturer bespoke design

Retail Mezzanine Floors

Retail mezzanine floors are ideal for improving customer flow, creating additional display space for stock to free up warehouse space or enable the inclusion of consessions such as a coffee shop to increase footfall. 

Office Mezzanine Floor

Office Mezzanine Floors

Office mezzanine floors are excellent cost saving mechanisms for almost any type of business. An office mezzanine can allow for outsourced services to be brought in-house or can eliminate expensive office rental costs.


Having just extensively increased handling capacity by investing in a state-of-the-art automated carpet cutting, wrapping and sorting machine our client was in urgent need of additional storage space tofeed this extra volume. Space Productiv helped turn the dead space above the new machinery into a usable space by combining pallet racking with a bespoke mezzanine floor.

Introducing modular mezzanine floors for when you need extra space fast.

A pre-designed flexible mezzanine floor with a wide range of configurations, giving you the floor shapes and space you need.
The modular mezzanine can be customised with handrail kits and staircase modules to provide a unique solution that is available from pre-manufactured stock, and installed in a very short space of time.

If you would like to know more about our modular system, or enquire about stocking modular mezzanines for your own customers or projects, call Space Productiv on 01274 551 170 or click the button to make an enquiry:

modular mezzanine floor
Space Productiv brochure mezzanine floors

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Space Productiv help companies raise their productivity by designing, manufacturing and installing better industrial storage solutions. Download our mezzanine flooring brochure to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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Talk to us about your project.
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Space Productiv brochure mezzanine floors

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