mezzanine floors

Doubling your available floor space

How can mezzanine flooring be used to increase your company's productivity?

“You’re paying for the space whether you use it or not, so why not put in a mezzanine floor to create extra workspace, whether that be for offices, storage or production. 

This may avoid the need to relocate premises, or it may enable you to better streamline your operations to bring greater efficiency – all helping to improve the bottom line.  Planning out your building to streamline your operations can bring huge efficiencies to a company, which all show on the bottom line.”

Allan Miles-Turner, Project Manager

Industrial mezzanine floors

Making the most intelligent use of your space with mezzanine flooring from Space Productiv

We manufacture our mezzanine floors in the UK and are accredited to BS EN 1090-1 which means we only use certified steel and materials to ensure we can CE certify your mezzanine flooring and structures. 

And because we are the manufacturer, we back this up with a 5-year guarantee.  Once on site our installers have many years’ worth of experience and are all SIERS registered to ensure your installation runs smoothly and is delivered on time.  

Also talk to us about steel staircases and pallet gates to complete your mezzanine floor project.

Why should you work with Space Productiv?

We have a long and proud heritage of designing, building and installing mezzanine floors for both industrial and retail use.

Take advantage of our wealth of in-depth knowledge where we can advise on materials, construction and design to give you the most cost-effective mezzanine solution.

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Mezzanine floors allow you unrivalled flexibility in your workplace:

Industrial mezzanine installation

Mezzanine floors can meet almost any production requirement, allowing existing premises to be adapted to changing demands in your business.

Retail mezzanine floors

Retail mezzanine floors create valuable additional sales areas, or extra storage areas.  From department stores to car showrooms – we have extensive experience of all types of floors.

Office Mezzanine Floor

Office expansion

Put otherwise wasted vertical space to work providing you with extra office space or storage areas – all finished to match your prestigious office environment.

Introducing modular mezzanine floors for when you need extra space fast

A pre-designed flexible mezzanine floor with a wide range of configurations, giving you the floor shapes and space you need.
The modular mezzanine can be customised with handrail kits and staircase modules to provide a unique solution that is available from pre-manufactured stock, and installed in a very short space of time.

If you would like to know more about our modular system, or enquire about stocking modular mezzanines for your own customers or projects, call Space Productiv on 01274 551 170 or click the button to make an enquiry:

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Space Productiv help companies raise their productivity by designing, manufacturing and installing better industrial storage solutions. Download our mezzanine flooring brochure to find out more about our solutions and how we can help.

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Project Manager

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