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Press Release: Racks Industries rebrands to become Space Productiv

Yorkshire-based storage experts have rebranded to become Space Productiv.

Founded in 1995, Space Productiv is headquartered in Bingley, West Yorkshire, and help companies across Europe improve the productivity of their storage.

Explaining the reasoning behind the rebrand, Lee Horton, managing director at Space Productiv, said:

“As Racks Industries, we felt our brand didn’t reflect our expansive product offering, which goes far beyond just racking.

“Yes, we design, build and install racking systems, but also mezzanine floors, pop-up warehouses and bespoke manufactured solutions for a wide range of industrial warehousing, commercial and retail sector clients. We also have an incredibly skilled in-house team that advise how workspaces can be used more efficiently and profitably, at every stage of their warehousing and material handling process.”

Chris Wilson, Space Productiv’s director, said:

“We’ll always be racking experts but there are many other solutions we design and manufacture to improve the utilisation of space. Our rebrand from Racks Industries to Space Productiv is all about reflecting our full capabilities.”

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